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My Story

I understand suffering—I have been living with diagnoses of fibromyalgia (1975), MS (2001), chronic sciatica with the related mental and physical pain. With the pain, I found some relief and comfort in writing poetry. At times, I have so much pain and discomfort that I want to compose a poem fast. So I developed a fast way to get my thoughts down (STaR*KU). Hello, my name is Saundra aka STaR (my initials). I am a registered nurse, registered dietitian nutritionist, member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (with a Master’s degree from NYU), certified image consultant and I am a multi award winning, published poet. ‘MY MOST MEMORABLE VETERAN’ poem is one of these. I worked with veterans at VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITALS for 19 of my 43 healthcare working years. I enjoy working with this population and want to ‘give back’ to this population who mean so very much to me - our HERO’s. Please accept my invitation to attend MY KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSITY and write your ‘MY*KU’s. Married to husband Peter, Saundra is in the Poetryfest Hall of Fame.

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Saundra Russell in America Tonight with Saundra Russell for America Tonight
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Saundra Russell In Rebuilding Your Life Saundra Russell In Rebuilding Your Life
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“WOW...You know your initials spell ‘STaR’?

A Nurse and an Angel

a STAR, you are

You are an Angel •You are a Star

You are the best Nurse

I’ve had thus far

You treat me kindly

You treat me good

You’re the best Nurse

in the neighborhood

You thank me for my

Years of service

I thank you for your service

To my brothers and me

I fought for freedoms

In the Viet Nam war

Your spirit and your service-

I could not ask for more

You’ve served me richly

Healing me too

You’ve validated the trauma

That I’ve been through

You’ve listened to my stories

Each and every night

You have helped me

Nightly through my fright

I know your name and

I’d shout your name

‘Cause whenever I called

Nurse, you came

You are a Star

You are a Nurse

You are a STaR*healer

You are the first!!!

One night passed with me, his nurse, listening to a WWII Army Major Veteran, who talked all night about the traumatic events he experienced overseas and I had to write this poem to remember his words. 


It was the middle of a late December night

The full moon shone

But there was nary a light

It was around 3AM, in the still of the night

I was making rounds to see 

that everything was alright

When out of the darkness and 

the deepest quiet

I heard “Help me, someone help me”

A frail voice broke, as if in a riot

I realized it was the Major in bed 44B

I hastened down the long dark hall

It was a 40 bed medical unit on the 

south of the 12th floor 

To reach this veteran 

Wow! He did stand tall

I got to his room

he was waiting at the door

“Help me, help me”, he cried out again

“The enemy has come 

and captured my men”

This veteran with PTSD 

was having a flashback

 he was concerned about 

Jim and John and Jack

He needed to and wanted to talk it out

His voice was full of terror

 yet it did have clout

I listened to his story of 

the war he had fought 

He had many questions

 and answers he sought

I gathered a few of the vets

who were awake 

Together we listened and laughed at our mistakes 

Mistakes at realizing answers were not to be had

 We resolved nothing and it was so sad

I assured the Major I’d put in a request

For him to have a morning consult 

with one of the best

The best Provider to

Help with his PTSD and more

This veteran said he would be OK

 He was sure

He then asked if I would pray with him

Not for his welfare

 But for that of his friends

He said 

“On the battle field they lived and died 

But ‘memories’ were on their brains forever fried”

He said the prayers would heal them all

For him, it meant 

He could always stand tall

Stand tall to salute the red, white and blue

Stand tall for the freedom 

Won for me and for you!

Ms. Saundra T. Russell, the
‘STaR healer’ as called by a 
Viet Nam Veteran whose words 
inspired a poem written by me